This guide is based on what we have learned through personal experiences and from our most successful clients.

Are there foods that are off limits?

NO! The joy of Macros is in the fact that there is not a yes/no list. If it fits your macros, you can have it! Special event coming up? Birthday party? Super Bowl finger foods? You name it, you can make it work! This program is sustainable because nothing is off limits. If you are craving something, plan for it and enjoy it!

Can I eat out while on this program?

Absolutely! This program is designed to fit your lifestyle. Geaux Macros does not promote dieting. This is a way of life that is sustainable and can go with you wherever you go.

What do I need to be successful following Geaux Macros programing? 

  • A monthly membership
  • The free app My Fitness Pal via phone/ipad
  • A food scale to weigh your food at home
  • A scale to weigh yourself
Cheat days?
After 30 successful days on the program, you are allowed one cheat day where you may have any and everything your heart desires!

What if I am at my goal weight but not happy with my appearance?
Not only do we offer fat loss macros, but we can work with you to improve body composition with custom macros to match your training.

So you give me custom numbers. Am I stuck with those numbers forever?


Not a chance. Not only does Geaux Macros include daily check ins, but we also do weekly adjustments to your targets to keep you moving in the right direction. We will never leave you out to dry, your coaches will guide you every step of the way.